June 2022 Numerology forecast - Mountain Wizard/

June 2022 Numerology forecast - Mountain Wizard/

June, middle of 2022 how your year is going so far?
numerological June number is 3 (6/2022)

June is about creative expression, performing on the life stage, and communication in all possible ways. In numerology number 3 is about creativity, putting thoughts and emotions into images, music, or any art form. a triangle of mind-body, and soul.

Which ideas are you willing to deliver with an artistic flair?

What unique perspective waiting to be shared with those around you?

what inspiring source you could be for yourself and for others?

Yes! June supports communication in all kinds, so take a deep breath and get comfortable in the spotlight once you start expressing your authentic being. These are all the kinds of communication scenarios this month will ease the way for. So, seize the opportunity to really say what you mean.

Yet, with the kind of authentic self-expression that June claim, criticism and judgment may well follow. When you're truly honest with the world, you turn yourself into an open book. So, if you do get triggered by some criticism, try not to take it all to heart.

Remember that we communicate and share our thoughts and feelings not for the purpose of others appreciating us, but for the purpose of collective consciousness. If you find yourself participating to receive appreciation from others, pause and reconsider the fundamental purpose behind sharing.

since we have Gemini season till June 21t (Gemini is an Air sign that one of its known traits is communication, more in our instagram!) Communication energy is high and double this month.

Be aware of turning these communications or talks into gossip. Since number three can enhance being more in touch with our emotions and the need to express those emotions loudly be aware of mood swings, to express yourself fully in the clearest way possible balance the 3 tringle (Mind-Body-Soul) before any action or shared thoughts.

Image credit: Paul De Luna

written by Mountain Wizard