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Reading :-

I Do A Very Specific Number Callculation , It Depends On Your Birth date , Hour (Optional) , Name Letters .

I Try To Tell The Long Secrets Of Your Soul , I Do It With Passion I Consider Delevring You The Most Info I Can Get About What I like To Call It You're "Personal Code".

Im NOT Prophecy Teller !!

✨I Try To Deliver You More About Your Uniqe Character !

✨About The Effect Of The Planets In Youre Chart .

✨Strengths and weaknesses .

✨Most Effecting Elements .

✨What The Most Imprortent For Your Soul Journey .

✨ And So Many More Small Details That will Effect Your Life For The Better .

🌜I Answer Youre Questions About The Chart , To Make You Get The Best Result .

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