About Mountain Wizard

Hello beautiful soul, glad for having you here!

I'm Rawan, the founder & artist of Mountain Wizard. One of my greatest joys is exploring the magickal creatures sharing the same planet with us.

Mountain Wizard started as a hobby inspired by my curiosity to explore the magic of nature, it became part of my daily practice. Mountain Wizard is based on the belief that we are all one, and with certainty that nature was, still, and continues to be the first teacher. I have learned so much from these creatures, and I hope to inspire you to honor, and learn from them as I do.

As for myself, I enjoy observing and studying nature in its all forms, As I'm a philosophy lover, I am simply curious about our existence and I'm looking ahead to explore it as much as the universe offers me. You may also know me as a Mystic Astrologer :)

Once again, thank you for being part of the Mountain Wizard family, hope you enjoy purchasing our art.

with love and gratitude, Mountain Wizard.