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Sage Bundle

Sage Bundle

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Choose your bundle! We offer two of Sage bundles, one is imported from Europe and the second is harvested & bundled from the Golan Heights mountain by Rawan (founder of Mountain Wizard).

One of the herbs I mostly use, in herbal incense blends, purification, moon rituals and more. Dried sage can be used in cooking as a spice, It can also be taken internally as liquid, lozenge etc, and it can be burned. Burning sage known as smudging. when burned it helps removing bacteria from the air, repelling insects, improving intuition, to purifying specific objects, improving mood and reducing stress. I mostly use it as a smudging to clean my objects like crystals, ruins of dead animals that I collected or to remove bacteria from my space. Another use, I use it’s water (after boiling the leaves for a few minutes) to clean my throat from bacteria.

- Rawan, Mountain Wizard

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